Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate often represents opportunity. But supply and demand is more difficult to measure when dealing with unique zoning, property configurations, and determining highest and best use. Todd Aagard, commercial real estate broker, business analysist, and CPA, is uniquely capable of handling commercial real estate of all shapes and sizes.

Commercial real estate services include:

  • Property purchase and sale – Office buildings, retail, apartment complexes, strip mall, raw land, feasibility studies, and more all fall into this category.
  • Property improvements – Oftentimes, the current property’s use does not represent the property’s potential due to changes with zoning or updates to building or configuration parameters. In situations like this, Todd can serve as your consultant, providing you with optional improvements and upgrades and how those affect your cash flow and return on your investment long-term.
  • Upgrade evaluation – On that same line of thinking, there are energy upgrades that property owners might consider. Will these pay off? What can you expect in return? Todd can put his CPA hat on and evaluate the possibilities.
  • Alternative ownership options – If your long term investment strategy includes portioning off parts of the building in commercial condo fashion, Todd can find out what is possible with the space and can coordinate that effort. Alternatively, you may be leasing a space right now that you might be able to turn into a commercial condo that you own. Todd will negotiate with the landlord on your behalf and determine your options.
  • Leases – Negotiating a new lease? Renewing a lease that requires negotiating? Determining what to ask for your lease or need to write up a new lease agreement draft to review with a lawyer? Need to find a tenant? Todd can help you with all your leasing needs.
  • Property Management – Todd can advise on different property management companies if you do not wish to manage the property yourself.
  • Ongoing consultation – You may already have a CPA or financial advisor in place. But if there are holes on your team as it pertains to your real estate holdings, business investments, or even evaluating your business in terms of cap rate and cash flow strategy, Todd can fill in those gaps.

Having a commercial real estate broker, business analyst, and CPA in your corner not only provides you peace of mind, but also can provide you with that long-term strategy you need to make the most of the commercial and business ventures in your portfolio.

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