Business Investments

If you are considering expanding your investment portfolio and buying a business or you are ready to sell and leverage your investment, Todd Aagard has the skills you need to valuate your business, find the right investor, and transfer ownership smoothly and effectively.

Services include:

  • Accurate business valuation – With Todd’s CPA credential and years of looking at balance sheets and profit and loss statements, he can valuate a business for purchase, sale, or for legal matters.
  • Beyond the balance sheet – All too often, business owners do not accurately include or depreciate assets, which can make it seem like the business is more or less valuable than it actually is. Todd’s expertise looks beyond what is on paper to valuate true potential and value.
  • Commercial real estate and leasing – When evaluating a business, it is important to include the value in the commercial real estate holdings and any secured lease. However, this type of asset is not required to work with Todd on either the buying or selling side.
  • Business opportunities – Occasionally in the MLS there are listings for business opportunities. Usually these lack a lot of information needed to determine the risk and reward. Todd can evaluate these and list opportunities in this setting.
  • Market research – Evaluating a business is not just looking at the “now” moment, but looking into the future to estimate future demand for a product and service. You need a business analyst who is on top of our fast-moving economy both in terms of demand for certain verticals, but also who understands the economic implications for a certain region in terms of population, employment, housing, and more.
  • Repositioning Analysis – Sometimes a business could benefit from geographic repositioning, from a marketing perspective, offerings, or how goods and services are packaged. Todd can put his marketing and business prowess to work for you here too.

Don’t trust your business and years of work to anyone other than a business professional and analyst. Todd Aagard is your business valuation and opportunity expert.

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